Too Small for Condoms Club

Too Small for Condoms Sign

Putting on a condom when your penis is too small can be quite a humiliating experience especially when it just falls right off. 

If your erection is so thin that a regular condom literally just slides right off with ease; there’s no denying that you have a dick that is too small for rubbers. That means by default you don’t have a big enough package for sex either.

Let us know if you’re a member of the Too Small for Condoms Club below or down in the comments. You can also feel free to download and use the sign in celebration if you’d like.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

10 thoughts on “Too Small for Condoms Club

  1. One inch hard. Extra small is too big for me. I would have to get them custom made if I had sex, not that that’ll ever happen.

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