They got me again in my panties

This time they were really cruel. Made me keep my panties like this under my shirt. It hurt my tiny dick and balls so much! 

No idea how I’m gonna stop these guys I need advice.

Wholly shit they have you looking like you have a pussy in your panties! This is getting ridiculous and considering you’ve let them take you this far… it’s gonna be hard to get out of I’m sure.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

One thought on “They got me again in my panties

  1. I tried to get smart and wear undies that didn’t stretch easily. They ripped those up my ass till nothing but a string was left. I came with my clit sticking out of the side of the panties after they pantsed me when they noticed I was twitching from the pressure on my clit and balls. You were right this is gonna be impossible to stop. That was the worst since this shoulder picture since they got to see what I was packing and made me even more of a bitch….

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