Shot Glass Challenge: How to do the infamous SYTD Challenge

Shot Glass Challenge

The Shot Glass Challenge is a perfect way to separate the men from the boys. All you need is a shot glass and their dick. Guys you can do this by yourself and submit the results here. Just doing a quick check with a shot glass will determine if it’s a real dick or a wannabe. You can’t hide from this one!

How to do it

Take a soft penis and stick a shot glass over top of it. A guy with a little nugget of dick will pop right into the glass. One the other hand, a hung guy will barely even get his tip in there while soft.

Nothing like being so damn small that a real man’s cock-head is as big as your entire penis. Now that’s just humiliating! It’s also a guaranteed way to determine if a guy has a tiny dick. If you need more proof then just do the same challenge but with a boner.

What if it’s a fail?

All I can say is, if you fail the shot glass challenge then it’s time to keep your little bitch dicks locked up and in panties for the long haul. That will be all the proof we need to know you’re not suitable for sex.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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