Naughty confessions by Sissy Mark aka Miss Pansy Ass

My name is Mark but you can call me Miss Pansy Ass or Sissy Marki or Flaming Fairy Faggot. You can find me on Twitter at @pantiedsissy35 and on Freakden as sissybetaboi. I wear boy short panties daily. I do not own any more male underwear. I have a tiny sissy dick and cannot please women. I am writing this confession because I am owned and have been enslaved by Goddess Jennifer.

I love to dress up in cute girly outfits. My favs are pretty sundresses, cute flirty tops, Little denim short shorts with the cute cuffs at the hem or even better, eyelet lace! I also love dressing like a slut in sexy lingerie, stockings, garters and CFM heels.

I am now accepting the more humiliating and completely emasculating frilly, lacy, puffy, sissy dresses. You know the ones with the pretty satin colors like pink and baby blue with all the bows, lace, ruffles and ribbons. I’ve grown accustomed to white opaque tights just like a real girl. I love ruffled lace ankle socks paired with my mary janes or cute sissy sandals. I  become so aroused at the state of emasculation I feel when wearing such sissy dresses.

Goddess has taken control of me. Now I can’t stop craving and needing more humiliation and exposure. I crave humiliation all forms including verbal and public humiliation. I need to be made fun of and called names by women. I need constant emasculation. Goddess has taken control. Now I thank her for mean girl treatment. I get excited when she makes me post humiliating and exposing pictures.

I own all kinds of panties and sissy girl clothes. I suck on my dildo and cannot wait to be dressed up to take a big fat cock in my mouth. This is all a part of my sissy confession.

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