Most Humiliating Sex Stories

Your Most Humiliating Sex Stories

Submit your most embarrassing and humiliating sex stories to SYTD so that everyone can have a good laugh at your expense.


Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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  1. WHERE would I even begin , there are so many embarrassing and humiliating sex dating stories for me ? Well one of the most was probably one woman I dated we were about to have sex and she pulled down my underwear and I came instantly and she blurted out oh my god what the fuck is wrong with you why did you just cum from your limp dick ? Then she realized I was fully erect and rock hard and she laughed hysterically and said that has got to be the tiniest most pathetic smallest micropenis and miniballs she has ever seen in her entire life and she said put your clothes back on and lose my number , don’t ever call me again and get the fuck out of my apartment and I did so as I cried and she said oh my god are you crying ? You are just not even a man your pathetic she took photo’s of me crying with my tiny little micropenis and miniballs fully erect and she said she was going to show and tell everyone everywhere she knows what a tiny babydick crybaby miniballs faggot I am and said roughly in a loud voice NOW GET DRESSED AND GET OUT OF HERE NOW YOU DICKLESS, BALL LESS CRYING FAGGOT AND DON’T EVER COME BACK OR CALL ME EVER AGAIN FAGGOT !!! NOW LEAVE NOW !!! and I left crying all the way home and week’s later I saw she posted my tiny dick and miniballs everywhere which made me cry again in total shame and humiliation !!! I have many humiliating stories just like that even worse one’s where women I dated forced me to dress up like a sissy gurl and watch them get fucked by real men who have real men cock and ball’s and they forced me to lick and suck and tongue the real men’s big huge giant ball’s and tongue and lick and suck their stinky sweaty assholes too while they fucked my ex girlfriends with their big huge giant real man cocks and balls as I cried and they laughed at me and called me mean names and made me cry , it was absolutely horrible and sometimes the real men would humiliate me in front of my ex girlfriends by slapping me in the face with their huge cocks and balls and spanking my ass , slapping me to the ground , calling me mean horrible name’s and fucking my mouth and my asshole until I’m crying and sometimes they would even piss all over my face , hair and my sissy clothes and down my throat while I cried as my ex girlfriends would just watch and laugh and make comments and call me names too even egging them on to slap me or spank me or fuck me harder and make me cry , some sick mean bastards even held my face tightly to their ass or even sat on my face and facesit me while they farted a ton of gross stinky disgusting farts on my face and mouth and up my nose , that and everything else made me cry very hard I can assure you !!! Over the years my stepmother and my ex girlfriends have forced me to only be allowed to wear panties and diapers and diaper covers and sissy gurl dresses and outfits and Mary Jane shoes , makeup , bras and sissy gurl hairstyles only 24-7 and then they got me boyfriends who fuck my mouth and my ass and date me and they said if I ever want sex it can only be gay sex with my boyfriend’s only because I have no dick or ball’s and I am not a man nor ever could be and I am a little sissy weakling pansy pantywaste sniveling crybaby faggot wimp who can’t have sex with women or even pretend to be a man and I am much to much of a wimp that can’t even protect himself and gets beat up by women or anyone period so therefore I must forever be a sissy faggot crybaby wimp in dresses and diapers and diaper covers forever and only sex I can ever have is gay sex as the sissy bitch role doing the sucking and getting the fucking !!! Everyone knows and has seen my humiliating photo’s and they even want to put me in gay sissy faggot video’s for all the world to see what a tiny babydick weakling sissy faggot crybaby wimp I am and have video’s of me sucking cocks , ball’s and assholes while getting fucked hard to tears by big cocks and get pissed on afterwards for the finale humiliation and the video’s would be for sale or put on the internet for my complete shame , humiliation and total embarrassment to make everyone I know so proud of their tiny dicked sissy wimp faggot crybaby pansy pantywaste queer so I can be ashamed for ever and never live down the embarrassments that will be forever out there in video , photo’s, magazine’s and websites forever and ever and ever and ever and ever so I can cry and be ashamed forever and ever and ever !!!

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