Lighter Challenge and Pen Cap Challenge Failed

After having failed the Toilet Paper Roll Test, the Shot Glass Challenge and the Jerk Off Challenge, I have tried my luck with the next two Challenges.

The Lighter Challenge

Lighter Challenge Failed

Oh no, how degrading is that? My tiny dick is even smaller than a lighter 🙁


Failed = My penis is pathetically tiny!

The Pen Cap Challenge

At first, it was looking good, my soft penis was at least a little big bigger than a pen cap. But I wanted to know how my dicklette would compare, after wearing a size restricting penis sleeve for a day.

Pen Cap Challenge Failed

My idea was that if it would be still larger than the pen cap, I would have officially beaten the challenge. But then I compared and on the second try, my tiny dick wasn’t bigger anymore and I realized, a real penis could never be the size of a pen cap.


Failed = I am a tiny dick loser and I deserve to be humiliated and laughed at for my lack of size.

Response from Goddess

Five challenge attempts have resulted in five failures and that can only mean one thing: You have a tiny little loser dicklette! No longer can you even consider trying to have sex using that thing. It’s far too short, too skinny and totally undeserving of any sexual pleasure involving a woman.

All a dicklette like that is good for is ridicule, getting laughed at and endless humiliation.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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