I need to be a cuckold? Opinions? Please!

Someone please humalite me, degrade me, cage my small cock. So I’ll be an even more submissive cuckold/sex slave. If only I could beg to clean her heels. That is my greatest reward.

Someone please put me in my place. On all fours licking her heels. My favorite reward. Being allowed to clean her heels. If I’m 100% loyal an obedient.

Anytime I see a female in a nice pair of heels I immediately become completely submissive. If a lady in a short dress an heels walked by an said I need you to suck some dick for me. I’d say yes ma’am I’ll make every cock you want orgasm until you say you’re satisfied. Would I make a good cuckold?

My cocks not very big. At the end there will be a photo of it for you to laugh and judge it. Please tell me what you think. Personally I think any cock under 8 inches should never be allowed to cum.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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