How micro dick losers spend their day…

Yes, you are so right… I’m gonna blow my micro dick loser load now and start jerking off all over again. This is my life! Fucking doesn’t even turn me on anymore.

A loser like me doesn’t deserve sex: I deserve to pinch and wiggle my micro weewee and be laughed at. I wank every time I’m insulted and/or humiliated, I just can’t resist. When women insult and/or humiliate me, that’s what really gets my micro weewee hard. Because the truth is I’m a fucking loser. And I love hearing that from women and men. Only a real loser like me gets turned on by these things.

A normal man who’s having good sex would never jerkoff to SPH. But I can’t stop. I’m so pathetic that you don’t even need to take your clothes off to make my tiny clit dick squirt little pathetic cum drops. I just want a hot girl or big cock guy to insult me: I crave it. I don’t deserve sex, I deserve to be insulted and abused and humiliated. This is my place in society.

I am a sick solo sexual chronic masturbator. A filthy pervert. A fucktard. Oh yea, I’m jerking so fast right now. LOL! And now I’m going to blow my loser load and start jerking all over again. This is my life!


LittleDickWanker Jay Anthony

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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