Guys describe being diagnosed with a micropenis

Guys describe being diagnosed with a micropenis while a woman laughs at the measuring tape.

Men realize that having a subpar penis is a major sexual hurdle but being diagnosed with micropenis is in a league by itself.

It’s often used as a term to make fun of guys with small dicks but in all reality there really are guys walking around with practically microscopic cocks. I’m talking super small!

What’s a Micropenis?

A micropenis is a diagnosis for guys that have unusually small penises. Typically to get diagnosed a grown man will need to have an erection under 3 inches long.

Fun Fact:

Back in the day doctors used to recommend sexual reassignment surgery for men in this category. They felt they were far closer to being female than male.

The Discussion

These guys below describe what life is like living with a micropenis and their diagnosis. Feel free to jump in on the discussion to share your stories, experiences and opinions.

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