Girlfriend had enough of my small premature ejaculating penis

This is a true story that details one of the most humiliating moments my small penis has ever experienced. It all came to a head that night. There she was, bent over the bathroom sink bracing herself, panties down and pussy out ready for sex. My tiny dick self was mustering up everything I had to pound Kristen the way she deserved and I thought I was ready to give her just that.

I came up behind her with a full on raging boner raring to go! Grabbing on to her ass with one hand I started flopping my dick around trying to get it in. I was horny as fuck too, so I couldn’t wait to slide into that hot Italian pussy! She was gonna get it hard tonight!

The only problem was that when trying to doggystyle fuck her pussy, I could barely reach in between her plump white booty and thighs. I kept pushing it out as far as I could but just the tip kept blooping in. I felt like a literal blooper clip at that moment, trying so hard but failing even harder at my attempts.

Finally after bouncing my boner up and down behind her I finally got it in! Instantly I start thrusting hard and deep, giving her everything I had. That amounted to 2 to 3 pumps before I popped out and good thing I did because I almost premature ejaculated.

Krissy then bent over further and tried grabbing my tiny cock to guide it back in. I seized the moment with her cheeks spread as far as they’d go and slid back into her pussy. There was no doubt she knew I was in and I started pounding as hard as I could. Both of my hands were gripping her ass cheeks like a real man.

My eyes were bulging out at how hot her ass and pussy looked while I kept thrusting in and out, literally slamming back inside her pussy balls deep. I thought I was finally giving her what she wanted for a change.

Looking up I thought it would be hot to see her face in the mirror while I was slamming my cock inside that pussy. I was expecting to see her loving the pleasure I was bringing her but instead I found her looking directly back at me smirking, unfazed by the “30 seconds of pounding” I had given her.

Girlfriend smirks during sex

Those twinkly eyes met mine and when I saw the look on her face I lost it mentally. I could tell she was bored, barely feeling it and most likely already had enough of my little polish breakfast sausage. I kept slipping out by mistake and popping out fast so I didn’t instantly cum. She continued to try to guide me back in but this time I was met with a frustrating sigh.

So to make up for it I tried harder to thrust inside her deep but could still barely pop into her Italian pussy, it was more like humping between her butt cheeks and thighs with the head barely popping in. I was sweating and stuttering like crazy. Not knowing what to do I just kept telling her how hot she is, most likely just making a bigger fool of myself.

She gave it another try, bending over in an attempt to push me into her pussy while letting out an obvious sigh of frustration this time. It was all too overwhelming so I just tried to thrust inside hard but instead poked into her thigh and ass cheeks before premature ejaculating my little load right down her thigh.

The last thing she said after realizing what had happened was, “Oh no, not again!

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