Florian Mini Penis aka Minipimmel Mössingen

My dick stopped to growing when I was super young. Every woman in this World woudl laugh at my tiny dick if she saw it. 

Once I was at an outdoor pool and I came without touching myself from seeing all the sexy girls. A few girls saw how the sperm dropped out of my swim shorts and that it got wet.

They all laughed and asked where my dick was because there was no bump in my shorts. Then they asked, “Are you virgin?“ I said told them yes and they said they wanted to see my dick.

One of them said, “You have 2 options. First is you show us your dick on your own or we catch you pull your shorts off and you never get your shorts and backpack back.”

They practically blackmailed me. I was afraid that I would have to go home naked so I showed them my tiny dick. They laughed right at me when I did. One girl took a picture so fast I couldn’t react and I came a second time in front of the girls. It was so embarrassing!

To top it off they said, “You can never please a woman. You are just a sissy-boy.” I had never heard that said to me before. Now years later I am in fact a sissy-boy. 😢

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