Dermatologist appointment turned into small penis humiliation

Latest dermatology appointment turned into humiliation

So annually I go see my female dermatologist for a checkup for a full body rash I developed. The process is to strip down to my underwear and a gown and wait for her Resident and a med student to do the initial exam (its a teaching university).

Last two times its been this bubbly Asian male Resident and a young female assistant. The gown comes off and they both go through the exam which is pretty thorough as expected. There I am standing there in my bulge-less undies, knowing what comes next. He asks if can inspect my groin and pulls down my undies exposing my tiny nub of a dick.

I always look directly at the female student to see her response. I always wonder what she’s thinking. Like “Is that really a man’s dick?? Why’s it so small? Then my doc comes in and does the same exam for herself only she makes me lay on the bed while she pulls my undies down front and back.

Always my yearly thrill and so embarrassing but exciting as well.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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