College girl told friends about my micropenis

Forward thrusting micropenis

I had sex with a girl at college that I had known for two years. She told our entire group of friends that I have a micropenis the day after. 

All the guys were saying how sorry they felt for me and the girls sent me pictures of grapes next to oranges and apples to make fun of me.

It has been a week since the outing and it has not died down at all, with the guys often laughing at me and making me the butt of the joke in front of the girls.

Micropenis humiliation week

It is getting hard to contain myself. I usually deal with taking shit well but I feel like this is genuinely mean to keep it up for a week straight now.

Please be honest with what you think of my body and penis. The picture is standing in a forward thrust position so it is showing its maximum size.

I thought I was a low key stud back in the day because I had sex 4 times in school with no issues, but this was my first girl in college. I feel like my social standing has fallen and everyone is disrespecting me now. Any advice about all of this?

You have a tiny short dick so you should have already known better than to try having sex. Unless you find a woman that is somehow into super small penises, you’re always gonna risk getting humiliated like this.

P.S. Having sex a total of 4 times definitely doesn’t make you a stud lol!

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3 thoughts on “College girl told friends about my micropenis

  1. Is it really that small? I swear it is not a micropenis in terms of length. It is literally the first thing I hear about when I go out. This is going on 3 WEEKS. Kinda got scared of going out I’m like a mobile jester or some shit now. Have been making up excuses the past couple days. Also, I’m realizing that about being a stud… I wish those girls from high-school let me know then.

    1. It’s pretty frigging small. Most girls are too embarrassed to just tell you point blank to your face that’s tiny but trust me your exes were thinking it.

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