Apology to Alyssa from the little engine that couldn’t

This is my annual apology letter to Alyssa for wasting her time when I knew from the start that my penis was too small to sexually satisfy her.

Dear Beautiful Alyssa:

I know I’ve already written one apology and begged for forgiveness but it just doesn’t feel like enough. I feel like I need to explain more how I’ve come to understand just how traumatic and horrifying it must have been to date me for that long. Even though you got plenty of other cock throughout our relationship, you still gave me 100s of pity attempts and tried so hard to make it work with my little… Ummm… Spike. 😬😱

Since the last apology you may be glad to know I’ve taken a good amount of punishment from my permanent owner, Goddess Jennifer of SYTD (Show Your Tiny Dick, a site for the biggest losers and tiniest dicks to find purpose and value in their lives.) She scooped me up after I was wallowing from my engagement dumping and I fell right into her buttcheeks weeping and desperate, instantly becoming owned by her ass.

I’ve had my ballettes or “bay bays” as she calls them, pounded with a rubber mallet 100s of times, punched, slapped, kicked, binded, scalded, frozen, spiked (ironically this one was the most painful), hit with weights and kettle balls, stuffed into tiny panties, covered in icy hot, and rapidly beat off tile pillars and hardwood tables to name a few fun activities that I’ve endured.

I’ve had my tiny penis, officially measuring at 4.5 inches, hammered in with the mallet, stuffed into chastity contraptions, flicked, clothes-pinned and tormented constantly by Goddess and her friends. I truly suffer the consequences daily for trying to date hot women like you, even back in my early college days, without realizing that I could never satisfy pussy or make it past ass cheeks.

Alyssa, as you know it’s challenging to even try and give my “penne’ as Goddess calls it, a real handjob. I remember watching you, with a perplexed half smirk, tug away at my raging little cock with a 3 finger triangle method. I twitched and shook with each tug and as soon as you went to massage my tiny ball-bag I splurged everywhere, straight up in the air.

At the time I thought you were laughing happily at how quickly you made it cum but it wasn’t you laughing with me, it was at me, and probably more later with your friends. You even tried a blowjob a few times but it was just too complicated and so I’d get a sex try and after a half dozen bubble butt bouncers it would instantly erupt time and time again like bitch with a major premature ejaculation problem.

Still you were so nice you just kept trying, different lube, different condoms, positions, timers, everything you could do to get another 30 seconds before I would be losing my load uncontrollably like a inexperienced gooner on his first try that never got better.

Alyssa you deserved so much more than my little pee pee, that little spike was no match for your amazing bubble butt and pussy. Going 0 for 150: I can’t imagine I’ll ever be able to apologize or suffer enough punishment to make up for the amount of charity you showed me but if there is anything you ever want to use me for just ask Goddess Jennifer to approve.

I could be your ass cleaner or maybe fluff your husband’s big fat cock for you? Live in maid cooking and cleaning? Anything Alyssa and I’ll be there on my hands and knees begging for forgiveness and doing anything as a way to redeem myself.

Thank you so much for all you endured trying to make my pathetic penis work out. It really was all about dick size and I never had anything but a little shrimper that couldn’t last more than a minute with your hot amazing Italian ass.

Please accept my sincerest apology and let me know if there is anything I can do in the future to make it up to you. I’ll never forget that final dumping you gave me in the white bikini out by the pool. I still tug my little cocklette into my panties thinking of how hot you are and how desperate I would be now to just even sniff your panties. 😭😭🙏🙏


Your cuckold

Mike “Spike” Little

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3 thoughts on “Apology to Alyssa from the little engine that couldn’t

  1. Yes Mistress yes my queen I’m so pathetic and desperate for ALYSSA AND KRISTEN MY EXES 😭😭😭😭🐽🐽🐽 I WANT TO LICK THEIR BUTTCRACKS and fluff their husbands big meaty cocks !!

  2. Alyssa please forgive me please alysssaaaa. Please have mercy on my small little 4 inch penis 😭😭🐽🐽🙏🤗

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