Is my 4.2 inch hardon why I’m still a virgin?

Fuck, I am 18 and realizing my hard on is 4.2 inches dripping. Is this why I am still a virgin? Please help. I can’t go through college like this.

While it’s not the only thing keeping you from getting any action, it’s certainly not helping you any. After all it’s an extremely small erection.

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13 thoughts on “Is my 4.2 inch hardon why I’m still a virgin?

  1. You’re 18 so that means your little 4 inch cock is done growing now too. Does it feel good knowing you’ll go through life with a penis the size of a twelve year old boy’s?

  2. Fuck fuck fuck. You are wrong. My dick is not and will never be smaller than a teenager starting puberty. From what I am reading “you will reach your fully developed penis size between the ages of 18 and 21.” So I still have a chance. Just the thought of that last sentence is really messing me up.

      1. You are right I apologize for the excuses. The problem is anytime I think about what has been said here I get uncontrollably hard, and precum starts leaking through my boxers. No one can tell when it’s hard, but shit is embarrassing. I have a little puddle soaking through to my pants anywhere I go.

  3. You just need to keep cumming to the thought of how small your pathetic little penis is. You’re a tiny cocked virgin for a reason. Any girl you have ever had a crush on or masturbated to is already getting fucked by big thick cock. There’s no way to even compete. There are just so many hot guys with huge cocks around; why would any girl want a little boy like you?

    1. For what reason? This is torture. My dick is twitching against my pants in a packed food court reading this. If I stand up I’m outed or if some asshole decides to lift me up because they notice I’m fucked. I can’t think of a single reason I deserve this.

      Also, I sincerely doubt that Laura is like that. We’re literally brother and sister, she would tell me if she was dating someone right now. We went to the same high school and are attending the same college. We hangout all the time I know she digs me. It’s more of a waiting for the right time situation. Plus, I know she respects me enough to not think of me as any less because of my cock.

  4. I will! I know she would love me for being the man I am.

    *I get really hard and almost cum hands free. I have to focus so much to not thrust forward. Please no more.

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